At Sabine Heijman's, you can turn to Deep Health Coaching: staying slim, fit, and strong at any age.

Sabine works with busy individuals who find it challenging to change their behavior.

They aren't achieving the fitness results they desire en and aren't performing at their best because ze de verbinding met zichzelf zijn verloren en het moeilijk vinden om prioriteit te geven aan effectieve zelfzorg.

Het resultaat is dat ze te veel moeten en innerlijk ontevreden zijn.

Do you recognize yourself in this? Are you someone who:

  • Wants to improve habits, but constantly struggles?
  • Knows what to do, but can't stick to it?
  • Starts the day determined to eat healthily, but later snacks neemt of een drankje pakt als beloning of om stress te verminderen?
  • Does it feel like you're being healthy, but are seeing no satisfying results?

I will teach you why it can be difficult to change , even if you genuinely want to.

Most people don't learn this and get stuck in a cycle of quick fixes that provide temporary hope but bring no lasting change.

You will learn

  • HOW to approach sustainable behavior change effectively
  • The SECRET to quickly regain your energy and quality of life
  • de 5 ESSENTIAL HABITS for optimal fitness, energy, and resilience
  • HOW je vol zelfvertrouwen uitdagingen aangaat zonder jezelf tekort te doen

This way, you achieve the results you truly want and deserve: a slim, fit, and strong body.

And that opens the door to everything else! Because when you prioritize yourself, you become much more resilient. This way, you retain your energy and effortlessly get the best out of yourself and life with joy.

As a result presteer je beter, voel je voldaan en dien je als een groot voorbeeld voor anderen.

Do you want to know exactly where you stand and how you, too, can achieve a slim, fit, and strong body full of energy, getting the most out of your life?

Sabine Heijman (49) helps busy 45+ high performers achieve their health and fitness goals sustainably, without strict diets or unrealistic workouts, but through Deep Health, a program that addresses health on all levels. Deep Health, een programma dat de gezondheid op álle vlakken aanpakt.

With over 15 years of experience in coaching and guiding personal transformations, I can immediately see what is possible for you, even if you can't see it yourself yet.

You can request a free individual Deep Health Vitality Scan here